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Send audio briefs to your followers sharing your thoughts, while seemlessly monetizing your content. Elevate your brand and cultivate your following.


Why You Should Use Brieft?

Elevate your brand and create an unparallelled following.

Automate Revenue

Users subscribe to listen to you on a monthly basis.

Easy & Fast to Use

Seemlessly download app and begin sharing.

Elevate Your Brand

Listening on a regular basis elevates connection.

Become Independant

Control your own schedule and be your own boss.


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How it Works

Easiest platform, start monetizing tomorrow.


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Available in the IOS app store.


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Record the brief on your phone.


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Post online to advertise offering.


Earn Recurring Income

Watch your revenue grow & get paid.


Start Monetizing your Content!

Brieft is enabling persons of interest to become independant. Provide exclusive content, and elevate your brand. You can post daily, semi-weekly, or weekly. Pioneer this new communication medium with your audience.

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